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Restrooms cleaning requires quickness and efficiency, that’s the reason why GRIZZLY studied a range of indispensable cleaning products for this particular space:


It removes limescale deposits by dissolving them. It polishes taps and fittings. It contains phosphoric acid, which has the same cleaning power of hydrochloric acid (used in many products of this kind), but has the advantage of not being toxic. It also contains a sanitizing agent.

It is used for the cleaning and the periodic hygiene of the toilet. It removes both the limescale deposits and the rust stains left by water. It has a viscous formula, in order to enable the product to adhere well to the inside of the toilet and it also has a bent spout to facilitate the application of the product. It contains phosphoric acid, as well as the Idrogrizzly, and it’s pleasantly scented.

Detergent for daily maintenance of toilets and sinks. It removes soap residues and water marks. It polishes taps and fittings by removing the limestone patina. It is a very convenient and ready-to-use detergent: it is sprayed on the surface to be treated and removed with a damp sponge.. It does not leave streaks and also carries out a sanitizing action.

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