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From the factory to the customer

Buying a GRIZZLY means getting into direct relationship with those who produce it. Despite the name, GRIZZLY is a 100% Italian reality with nearly 40 years of experience.In 40 years we have designed new products and updated existing ones, always with two clear objectives in mind: 
     1) ensuring continuity to our Customers, all new models and new products are compatible with older accessories. The products are designed with modular logic, in case of wear it is possible to replace only the affected part.
     2) manufacturing products that require the least possible assistance: GRIZZLY does not have third parties’ service centres or complicated warranty procedures. For us, Customer service is not a source of income: it is a service to the Customer. From our point of view, the less products returned for servicing, the better. That said, if there is need, the same hands that have made your GRIZZLY will take care of it with skill and speed.