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Getting friendly products is one of the primary objectives of our design phase: our Customers want technology and progress, but at the same time they want user-friendly and useful objects for everyday use.It's the details that make the difference, and our products are designed with this attention.

Roll bar and handles
Our top vacuum cleaners have a durable chrome-plated steel roll bar mounted on the head for easy gripping and moving. Other models have sturdy handles with co-molded inserts that ensure a secure seal over time. 

MultiGrizzly and Pivoting Sleeve
Drum and pipes are joined via a horn-shaped plastic connector, in order to use the vacuum cleaner by walking around 360°. At the same time the pivoting sleeve supports the rotation of the tube by the user. This avoids abrupt changes of direction, throttling the tube, forearm fatigue.  

Elastic Tie RodWith
a simple rubber tie rod, it is possible to attach the tube to the base and to move the vacuum cleaner by dragging it from the tube without any risk of overturning. 

Bell type Emptying
On models with greater capacity drums, we have created a tilting cart for an easier emptying of aspirated heavy materials.