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Starting from a product, many can be made.

Heads, drums, pipes of different diameters can be endlessly combined to get the configuration that best fits every need. We have drums with a capacity of 25, 55, 100 and 200 lt.Pipe diameters of 32, 38, 50, 60, 90 mmThe heads of some models can be adapted to different types of drum, also 200 lt standard bins.Most of the abrasive discs and brushes are compatible between the different machine models.

We like the ingenuity of simple solutions.

On the Argo and Giant vacuum cleaners for example, emptying dozens of pounds of sucked materials requires only the touch of one hand. In the Roller floor machine, the essential safety system is guaranteed by a tiny ball of steel and the force of gravity, both reliable. On the Hemera floor scrubber, the waste water tank is removed from the frame without the use of hooks. On the Hotei automatic scrubber, one engine ensures three completely different functions.  Like all small details, even our ones are being discovered day by day using our products: this is the reason why the brand loyalty of our Customers is unmatched.