The Grizzly

GRIZZLY was established in 1979 and it opened its doors with one goal in mind: to design and build quality products that would consistently performa at industry leading levels. The first set of Vacuum cleaners were built with industrial standards in view. They were constructed for use in both wet and dry cleaning. Since our beginning we alway strive to delevelop leading products, making use of advanced technology. This lead us to join our vision with CHEMIGRIZZLY which focuses on the distribution of professional high-end cleaners. GRIZZLY has adopted a fast and flexible infrastructure which has alloweed us to choose the best technologies for specific goals. In the course

of history, GRIZZLY used -and still uses- all the plastic modeling system available witha wide varietry o technologies for processing of metals that are absolute first class electromechanical and electronic. We have pleasure to work woth designers who come from different experience. They often have built iconic products that now are part of our collettive imagination. From beginning GRIZZLY has chosen the direct selling method to distribute their products. It's a clear choice, suited to the niche and quality production that has made GRIZZLY an industry leader. Over time, we aquired more than 140.000 Customers in Europe, and now these relationship are our best references.