Grizzly Italia Spa
Efficenza Grizzly Italia Spa

Strong build
We have a thing about building robust and durable vacuums. We know that in a market mostly oriented towards disposable products, this attitude may seem idealistic to someone. But this is what led us to success and to believe that this is the right way to succeed in the future. Only the best plastic polymers, the finest steel and the most advanced fibers have their place in GRIZZLY production. 

Strenght in the long run
All critical and structural points of the plastics and their fastening systems with all the parts, are built with a metal insert. Adopting the constructive system of co-printed inserts involves a slowdown in production and the need to still use human work: a procedure which many consider anti-economic. Stopping a 1200 ton press, screwing inserts on the mold one by one, placing by hand the produced pieces in their original packaging, without the use of robots, is normal for us, because we build our products with the goal of making them immune to the passage of time. 

Maximum Power 
We are famous for the power of our vacuum cleaners, a force that allows you to suck up dust, solids and liquids down to the less accessible spots. Power meant as in the absolute sense, but also as the conservation of the same power in every situation, with every accessory, and lasting in time. The performances that count are those on the long run.