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Aton & Amon
Phantom & Phantom Mini


Mighty in power, size and working capacity.

Its tangential motor delivers a suction power that allows duty applications. Argo is equipped with a bell-tilting mechanism for an easy emptying of the container and a sturdy cart that improves the stability at full load.Rolex replica

Ø of compatible pipes: Ø38, Ø50, Ø90

Available Drums:
     -    200 lt  

Available filters:
     -    Wet Filter (standard)
     -    2 Micron Textile Filter
     -    0,5 Micron Textile Filter
     -    HEPA Absolute Filter H14  

Available Bags:
     -    Black 0.05 mm
     -    Raffia  

Available special accessories:
     -    Idrina Kit (window cleaning)
     -    200° Kit
     -    AirTap/AirSeat (carpets and rugs)
     -    Anti-Oil Pipe
     -    AntEater attachment
     -    Round Brush Kit  

Cart options: standard cart / tilting cart

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