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A concentration of strength and technology An "instant classic" of the GRIZZLY range. Since its birth, Penta has been distinguished for its versatility and - evolving year after year - has become the ideal vacuum cleaner for those seeking the ultimate in its class. Penta is a vacuum created to solve every industrial cleaning problem at every level: from the craftsman to the big industry. It sucks everything from the finest and most insidious dust to processing waste such as oils, sludges, shavings and filings. The configurations that can be obtained with the same head are several; Penta adapts to any situation and can use custom drums. Penta also sucks from above, then you can pack the dirt directly into containers for separate waste collection, or in common plastic bags, or in specific bags for the drainage and separation of materials.

Ø of compatible pipes:Ø38, Ø50, Ø90

Available filters:
     -    Wet Filter (standard)
     -    2 Micron Textile Filter
     -    0,5 Micron Textile Filter
     -    HEPA Absolute Filter H14

Available Bags:
     -    Black 0.05 mm
     -    Orange 0.08 mm
     -    Raffia

Available special accessories:
     -    Idrina Kit (window cleaning)
     -    200° Kit
     -    AirTap/AirSeat (carpets and rugs)
     -    Anti-Oil Pipe
     -    AntEater attachment
     -    Round Brush Kit

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